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‘Unprecedented times’ is probably the most overused term in the last few months but one with absolute truth. As a recruitment agency hearing about redundancies and companies unable to make new appointments is heartbreaking. It is particularly difficult to accept when companies have had to make difficult decisions due to

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Internal Sales Jobs in the Building Products Industry
The specialist Building Products Internal Sales recruitment agency offering career-defining jobs throughout the UK

Internal sales and customer support jobs in the building products and materials industry are key to the success of any manufacturer, distributor, merchant or retailer within the industry. In recent years, an increasing appreciation of this has meant many companies now view the internal sales and support function with the same level of importance as external sales.

We offer a variety of job opportunities including: Sales Office positions, Showroom Sales, Counter Sales, Sales Designers, Technical Support, Assistant Management and Customer Service roles.

Our internal sales jobs include roles in: Roofing, cladding, insulation, bricks and blocks, heating, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, KBB, flooring and coverings, chemicals and coatings, windows and doors, tools, furnishings and many other sectors of the construction and building industry.

A career in internal sales in the building products industry has become an attractive employment option. Our clients include many of the best-known, growing or innovative national and independent manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or merchants of building products and materials.

Contact us to discuss your next move and how our career development services can help on 01480 405225 or email.

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