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Helping industry professionals develop their careers through advice, guidance and evaluation.

Career development consultation for sales and marketing professionals in the building industry

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If you are interested in one of our jobs or just want to discuss in confidence how we can help you in your career, call us for a chat, or book an appointment with one of our specialist building and construction industry consultants. 

If you are not yet registered with us, please send us your CV and we will be in touch to officially register you on our system.

It is our best practice, as part of our thorough appraisal process, to meet face-to-face with any new candidate on our books. We will also try and do the same to guide and brief existing candidates before we decide to put them forward for a particular role, and during the selection process. 

Due to either time constraints or convenience and location factors, it is not always possible for face-to-face meetings. In these instances we recommend a Skype consultation.

Our aim is also to help you even when you are not looking for a move, but are looking to progress at your current company or just further down your career path. We can do this by improving your knowledge and skills by providing you with confidential advice and guidance, resources, access to industry news and training opportunities to develop your career.

Please contact us on 01480 405225 or email

It could be your most important appointment of your career.

Skype is a cost-saving and greener way to discuss roles with candidates, quickly and on a face-to-face basis, during the early stages of the recruitment process. 

It usually proves more beneficial for both parties than a traditional telephone conversation and without lots of lost time, travel, and money spent on fuel. 

Many of our clients are also using Skype as part of their recruitment process. Therefore, it is important we fully embrace what Skype can offer. 

We can arrange a Skype consultation almost immediately allowing us to help you quickly and with clarity. This helps us to assess your needs and aspirations in greater detail than a phone call, CV and covering email. 

It also means we can react effectively to a live recruitment situation, ensuring you don’t miss out on a potentially superb career changing opportunity.

In most instances, we would still arrange to meet you physically face-to-face at a later date, as this further enhances the close and long-term relationships we build with all our candidates. It is our philosophy to help candidates develop throughout their entire career in the building and construction industry. 


PinBuild career development clinics are specifically aimed at sales and marketing professionals in the building products sector to provide specialist career advice.

The FREE clinics are for industry professionals who are starting the process of the next stage of their career and help to ensure correct career choices are made.

If you book a place, as well as helping us build a relationship with you, evaluate your career to date and identify the best current opportunities available, the clinics provide expert advice on how to progress your career.

This is achieved by discussing the industry sectors that have potential for growth, the skills and focus needed to develop with the changing nature of the market and how to ensure that your career continues to progress rather than stagnating.

The clinics will also help you to map out a realistic and achievable career path, including any potential training requirements required.

Assistance will also be given to evaluate your CV and guidance for interviews, especially on what you should focus on to help you to realise your true potential in the building and construction industry.

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