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‘Unprecedented times’ is probably the most overused term in the last few months but one with absolute truth.

As a recruitment agency hearing about redundancies and companies unable to make new appointments is heartbreaking. It is particularly difficult to accept when companies have had to make difficult decisions due to reasons totally out of their control.

The pandemic has made all of us revaluate our lives and look out for each other more. Owners who have built great companies and invested their lives, money, and energy have not only had their own futures in their hands but their employees too.

Companies have tried to adapt to secure their futures and also use the Furlough scheme to help protect jobs. Most will not come out on the other side as they were before and we empathise with everyone facing difficult decisions.

At Pinnacle, we have sadly had to make redundancies and look carefully at our own structure so that we can continue to help those looking to recruit or looking for employment. We would like to put on record our sincere thanks for all those affected at Pinnacle for their hard work, loyalty, and valuable contribution over the years. We are also grateful for their dignity and understanding. It is not something we ever thought would happen and we wish everyone a successful future.

Colin and I are proud of what we have achieved with Pinnacle Consulting over the last 18 years and we are determined to move forward with positivity and optimism.

Recruitment is our life and together we have over 50 years of front line sales and marketing recruitment experience in the building products sector. Over these years we have seen many companies and individuals make positive and life-changing decisions after unexpected situations that have defined them – sometimes we all need something big to make our lives improve, and it is a mindset we all need to adopt.

We advise everyone to take a close look at how you can adapt, what you can improve, and what you want from your professional life. Life is impermanent we should put everything into trying to achieve our goals.

Support is Key

Everyone needs support and we are committed to helping the building and construction products sector and the economy as we move into new unprecedented times.

We feel the same excitement as we did when we started the business, and the last few months have reinforced how important and rewarding it is to help people and companies grow.

Sales and marketing people will be key to companies moving forward and we are confident we can make the right matches. There are still some great jobs out there and employers looking to recruit.

Please contact Colin or me and benefit from our expertise and experience related to your own personal situation, whether you are an employer or a job seeker.

Steve Rogan
Managing Director
Pinnacle Consulting UK Ltd.


Tel.: 01480 405225

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