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Helping companies in the building products industry to cure their sales and marketing recruitment headaches.

Employer recruitment consultation for companies in the building and construction products industry

How to cure your sales and marketing recruitment headaches…

Each day of the week, a manager or director has the headache of having to recruit or restructure. It is a frustrating experience that takes up a lot of time and one that most would rather not have. If you’ve experienced this type of headache, the cure is now available.

Why book a PinWork Clinic?

You can help ease your recruitment headaches and prevent future ones by booking a FREE PinWork on-site employer recruitment consultation clinic. After one session you should be on the way to the permanent cure.

There is often mistrust and confusion in how a recruitment agency operates and the services they can offer and this is one of the reasons we have launched our ‘no-obligation’ consultation clinics, so that greater understanding and transparency can be given.

Recruitment doesn’t always get the attention it deserves and can be seen as a distraction from the “more important” day-to-day running of a business. Selecting the right person, mix or structure is vital for future success, but it is understandably difficult for some companies to invest enough time in this process and they can end up having to deal with the consequences of a wrong decision.

When you consider the lifetime cost of employing someone, you realise how much of an investment you are making, but you shouldn’t feel that you have to go it alone – with any other type of investment of this size, expert specialist advice would be sought and the necessary time allocated to the decision-making process.

A specialist industry-specific recruitment agency to work alongside with should give real benefits and maximise the chances of finding and developing the employee that you deserve, as well as providing the permanent cure for your recruitment headaches.

Please contact us on 01480 405225 or email

It could be your most important appointment of your career.

Format of visit

During the course of the consultation we will cover the following areas:

  • Explain what a recruitment agency should be doing during the recruitment process and why.
  • Demonstrate the importance of being transparent in how we operate.
  • Explain how a specialist partner can find the candidates not available elsewhere
  • Explain the various terms of engagement available, so that you clearly understand the benefits of each and can decide what is right for you.
  • Allow you in a ‘non-pressurised’ environment to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask a recruitment agency.
  • An opportunity to get free professional advice on any recruitment issues that you currently have
  • Evaluate your current recruitment process/provision and advise on how it can be improved and supported now and in the future
  • Show how we can offer advice – even when you are not recruiting – on departmental structure, job functions to consider, salaries and training requirements.

You should come out refreshed with a clear understanding of how we can help develop your recruitment process.

Contact one of our specialist Construction Sales recruitment consultants

01480 405225

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